The ProMate 6.0 DMT offers elegant simplicity and unparalleled performance with Superior Flow and Smart Control technology.

Hellenbrand treated water is in perfect balance and harmony with our lives, our homes and the environment. A Hellenbrand home enjoys water that brings health and vitality to your family. It’s water the way nature intended, free of unwanted minerals.

Our ProMate 6.0 DMT series of water softeners are designed with that goal in mind. Providing you with proven technology and unmatched performance. The ProMate 6.0 DMT softens water naturally – resulting in water that’s better for your hair, skin and nails, while gentler on household pipes, appliances and fixtures.

Our ProMate 6.0 DMT system contains two chambers allowing for the use of selected media in each chamber to address your problem water issues.

With over 200 years of combined experience in the water conditioning industry, Hellenbrand is the first family of water treatment.

Achieve water in perfect balance and harmony. Achieve Aqualibrium.


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Superior Flow Technology

Hellenbrand’s unique technology consists of a distribution plate that has 56% more surface area on 10” diameter systems than standard systems with a cone type distributor, and runs the full width of the tank diameter for significantly improved performance.

  • Improved resin bed expansion in backwash provides better cleaning of the resin bed.
  • Less water is required to regenerate.

Smart Control Technology

  • The ProMate 6.0 controller accurately measures and records your water usage for the past 63 days.  This smart control feature automatically adjusts your reserve capacity to your changing water usage  patterns, making sure that you always have soft water.
    • Super scrub feature keeps your resin bed in like-new condition


Fewer Parts Means Fewer Problems

  • Modular Design
  • Non-Corrosive Valve Body & Internals
  • One Piece Stack Assembly
  • No Nuts, Bolts, Screws or Micro-Switches
  • Disassemble and Reassemble in Minutes


A ProMate 6.0 DMT Water Softener Means Better Water for Health & Home

Help Dry Skin and Hair

Use less shampoo and conditioner. Enjoy healthier and softer skin and hair with softened water.


Reduce Energy Costs

Softened water maintains the ENERGY STAR® ratings on your water heater by preventing rock like scale build-up, thus saving you significant dollars in energy costs and a much longer life for your water heater.


Stop Discoloration and Staining

Softened water eliminates hard water stains and significantly reduces rust colored stains from iron.


Protect Plumbing, Appliances  & Fixtures

Softened water extends the life of appliances and significantly reduces the repair costs as a result of hard water. Your faucets, showerheads and appliances will last much longer; your dishes will be cleaner and clothes will stay brighter, longer.


How does it work?

  1. Raw water enters the upper chamber containing select media (softening or carbon) in the DMT conditioner where adverse minerals are removed.
  2. After being conditioned in the upper chamber the water passes into the lower chamber for additional treatment. DMT conditioners contain either softening media for hardness reduction or tannin media for color reduction.
  3. As water reaches the bottom of the tank, it exits up the center tube; soft, clear ready for use in your home or business.
  4. When softening or tannin media is saturated, it must be recharged. A strong salt solution from the salt tank passes through the media to recharge it and flush unwanted minerals to drain.
  5. If carbon media is used, eventually the carbon’s capacity is reached and can be easily replaced by your Hellenbrand dealer.


The Hard Facts Behind Soft Water

Brighter Clothes, Less Detergent

> Softening the water will allow the use of 60% less detergent and will also save energy by lowering water temperatures, while still maintaining or improving performance.

> Stain removal performance increases dramatically when hardness is removed, even when the detergent dose and temperature are also lowered.

Better Dishwasher Performance

> Hardness reduction was 6 times more effective at reducing spotting and twice as effective at reducing filming as increasing detergent use.

> Detergent savings of up to 70% with soft water as compared to hard water.

Improved Water Heater Efficiency

> Softened water saves 40-57% of operating costs.

> Gas storage tank water heaters operated on softened water maintained the original factory efficiency rating over a 15-year lifetime.

> Hard water can result in as much as a 48% loss in water heater efficiency

> Tank-less water heaters operating on 26.2 grains per gallon of hardness failed to operate after 19 days of testing


Click here to view a full brochure! ProMate6-DMT-Brochure.pdf