At Neal's we have the water conditioning equipment to handle all of your city water, or private well water problems. All of our water treatment equipment has a 1 year 100% rental purchase option with other options available.

Hard or rusty water?
Try our WaterMate or ProMate metered/demand water conditioners, or our WaterMate 3 twin alternating metered demand system. These economic systems soften your water according to your water usage and will accommodate any family size.

Does your water smell badly or have an extremely high amount of rust?
Our Iron Curtain filtration system not only cleans your water and eliminates smell, your water will also taste better.

Concerned about your drinking water?
The Millennium Reverse Osmosis drinking water system can greatly improve the quality of your families drinking water.  We all need to drink more water.

How about chlorine?
We can install a whole house carbon filter and remove the chlorine from all of your household water.

We not only deliver bottled water, we also deliver salt. We can conveniently and promptly deliver salt for use in your water purification and conditioning systems. Simply place an order with us and we will acquire your address and contact information and give you a total amount to be paid. Neal's can then schedule your deliveries at your convenience on a set schedule.

You are sure to find that Neal's Salt Delivery service is efficent and top-notch. 


To place your Salt Delivery order now, please call (319)-895-8685 or (800)-281-6325


Neal's Water Conditioning specializes in Water Purfication Systems. We are leaders in our field and can bring your home, office or healthcare facility the best in water purification. 

We offer many different level products, depending upon your needs and usage. We service both city water and private well systems and can improve and stabilize your water purification needs. We offer the best value for price and years of fantastic water. 

Neal's Water Conditioning can bring you a multitude of water filtration systems. We offer many different scaleable solutions to perfectly fit your needs. Please contact us to find out more about what we offer and learn why we are the best!

Water Conditioning is critical in certain situations. Here at Neal's Water Conditioning we know how to bring perfection to your water! We will help you to choose the correct system for your needs and then deliver your salt or necessary supplies to your system. We can even do scheduled maintenance and upkeep on your system. 

Neal's Drinking Water Systems are the best way to ensure you are drinking GOOD water. We want our customers to have the best! Water is essential and Neal's knows water like none other. We can certainly match your water needs with the level of filtration you desire. 

Please contact us at Neal's and we will help you determine the level of filtration you need. 


Water Softening is important in Hard Water situations. We know how to soften water and our systems do it the best! We can even deliver the Salt! Neal's offers Salt Delivery Services as well as Upkeep and Repair


Neal's Water Conditioning has trained our employees to maintain and repair our existing products. We offer the highest quality repair to ensure your systems will last and produce quality water over the course of their lifetime. Please contact our Main Office to setup a repair or upkeep appointment or call: (319)-895-8685 or (800)-281-6325