h100 ic-10

The patented Iron Curtain Filtration System is among the simplest, most economical and effective iron filters available. It removes iron, sulfur, and manganese from water.

The reason your water can taste, look and smell so bad is the incredibly high concentrations of dissolved minerals. You can't see or feel them, but they're there! And you can sure smell and taste them.

Your iron water passes through an aeration tank which converts dissolved minerals such as iron, manganese, and sulfur into physical particles. These particles continue circulating in the tank long enough to grow to a size where they can be trapped in the filter. The Iron Curtain Filtration sustem then removes these minerals . . . leaving clean, good smelling, good tasting water.

The Iron Curtain is the best solution the industry has to offer. It's unique operation reduces costs and maintenance while delivering years of trouble-free service.