H125 HighAngle

A perfect solution for small to medium applications requiring flow rates up to 27gpm @ 15 psi and up to 192,000 grains per tank.

System Applications:

• Agriculture

• Apartment Buildings

• Boiler Water Treatment

• Car Washes

• Commercial Buildings

• Condominiums

• Dairies

• Factories

• Hospitals

• Homes

• Laundries

• Mobile Home Parks

• Motels and Hotels

• Nursing and Rest Homes

• Office Buildings

• Restaurants

• Schools

H125 StraightShot

The H125 Control is User Friendly and Reliable

• Modular Design

• Non-Corrosive Valve Body & Internals

• One Piece Stack Assembly

• Piston Operated

• Disassemble and Reassemble in Minutes


H125 Features and Benefits

• 1.25" internal porting, provides higher service flows with less pressure drop

• 12-Volt Operation AC or DC

• Electronic Meter Demand with Calendar Day Override

• Scrolling User Screen shows capacity remaining, time of day and flow rate

• 12-Volt Relay Driver allows multiple dry contact signals

• Service Interval Screen reminds you to call for  preventative maintenance service

• Differential Pressure Switch Capability

•  Fully Programmable Cycle Position and Times

•  Nine Cycle Control

•  Soft Water Brine Tank Re-Fill

•  Multiple Backwash and Rinse Capabilities

•  Quiet Operation

•  Variable Reserve automatically adjusts to changing water usage patterns

•  Several programming options including: variable reserve, fixed reserve, calendar day override, delayed or immediate regeneration

•  Diagnostics

     –Days since last regeneration

     –Gallons since last regeneration

     –Gallon reserve capacity last 7 days

     –63 Days history of daily totals usage

     –Maximum flow rate for the last seven days

     –Total number of regenerations

     –Total days in service

     –Total gallons processed

•  Permanent memory backup of all programming

• 2-1/2 years Time of Day Backup

• Uses less than $2 of electricity per year


System Designs Options


Parallel Operation

Twin Alternating

Demand Recall - Up to six units

No Raw Water Bypass

Alternate Source Regeneration


Meter Accuracy

1.25” Meter 0.25 – 34 gpm

Accuracy: ±5%



Brine Reclaim – The H151 standard electronic package is capable of reclaiming up to 30% of the salt used in regeneration for the next regeneration.  Salt savings will vary depending on the lbs. of salt per cubic foot of resin used to regenerate.  A brine reclaim kit is required for this option.

Water Reclaim – The H151 standard electronic package is capable of reclaiming much of the water used to regenerate the water softener and re-use that water to fl ush toilets. This water is typically soft and is free of the salt/brine discharge which is diverted to your standard drain/waste system.  A water reclaim kit is required for this option.



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