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Neal's has served Linn, Jones, Johnson, and Cedar counties since 1950 from our office and plant at 700 1st Ave North in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
Neal's Water Conditioning
The very best in Water Conditioning
The Millennium Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System from Hellenbrand
effectively reduces Nitrates, Lead, Arsenic (pentavalent), Cysts (Crypto/Giardia), Fluoride, and Radium.
The Hellenbrand E3 water treatment system conditions water effectively and economically. .
Variable reserve
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Systems

For our customers who don't like writing checks for their payments, we offer ACH payments.

This method is a safe secure way to pay your bill. Here is how it works, go to ach form and print, fill in the proper information, and mail it to us. We will let you know when it will take effect by mail or phone. You would still receive a bill in the mail and we would charge your account on the 15th of the month after your account had a balance due. Some customers are billed monthly and some are billed bi-monthly depending on their account type. There is a discount for paying ahead , call us for details.


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