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Neal's has served Linn, Jones, Johnson, and Cedar counties since 1950 from our office and plant at 700 1st Ave North in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
Neal's Water Conditioning
The very best in Water Conditioning
The Millennium Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System from Hellenbrand
effectively reduces Nitrates, Lead, Arsenic (pentavalent), Cysts (Crypto/Giardia), Fluoride, and Radium.
The Hellenbrand E3 water treatment system conditions water effectively and economically. .
Variable reserve
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Systems

At Neal's we have the water conditioning equipment to handle all of your city water, or private well water problems. All of our water treatment equipment has a 1 year 100% rental purchase option with other options available.

Hard or hard and rusty water?
Try our WaterMate or ProMate metered/demand water conditioners, or our WaterMate 3 twin alternating metered demand system. These economic systems soften your water according to your water usage and will accommodate any family size.

Does your water smell badly or have an extremely high amount of rust?
Our Iron Curtain filtration system not only cleans your water and eliminates smell, your water will also taste better.

Concerned about your drinking water?
The Millennium Reverse Osmosis drinking water system can greatly improve the quality of your families drinking water.  We all need to drink more water.

How about chlorine?
We can install a whole house carbon filter and remove the chlorine from all of your household water.

Need a really big water treatment system?
We have commercial equipment big enough to handle schools, motels, apartment houses, and care centers.

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